Wow… I suck.

It’s always a little depressing when you remember that you have a blog and realize the last posting was for New Years… and here we are in October.  Oh well.  I’m at work, so I really don’t have the time to blog about anything interesting.  Really haven’t brewed as much this year as I would have liked to.  The summer was way too hot.  However, with Fall in the air, I have been much more motivated lately.  Currently have a Saison and Pumpkin Ale that are ready to be moved to kegs, and I have a few recipes I’ve been throwing around in my head.  Oh, Julie and I did make it to the NHC in Seattle this year.  Absolutely amazing time.  When I have a moment, I will do a NHC summary  post complete with some pictures.  NHC is where Julie and I acquired our addiction of sour beers… we tried so many different varieties… it was awesome.  Currently trying to put the equipment together so I can start brewing some sours myself.  Seattle itself was amazing.  I think Julie and I found our next place of residence.

Ok, that’s it for now… hopefully I will remember that I have this blog and makes some posts before 2013!  Cheers!



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